Why Ankey Magnet

We Don’t Just Produce magnet? — It’s How We Built Our Company


Extensive experience and unique product features

Since established in 1995, We start to producing?magnetic material using the hypoxia technique and narrow particle size and strict control systems .


Quality data of product traceability

Have introduced ERP managerment system in 2009 , realize lean production processes control and gradually improve the quality of product traceability systems


Vast application knowledge

Our salesmen and engineers are know-how to offered best quality magnet for multiple applications, which used in motor,sensor, MRI , and others??etc .

one-step purchasing

As Customer’s require , we also offered SmCo Magnet , Cast and Sintered AlniCo magnet , Sintered Ferrite Magnet , Boned NdFeB Magnet and Boned Ferrite Magnet etc .

magnetic solution

Optimize performance and cost

Our engineering division will gladly assist you to help optimize the use of our magnets in your product and also work together with customer to optimize magnetic circuit design .


Fast respond and delivery and Quick prototypes production

  1. Quick response within 24hours to customer inqury .
  2. 7 working days also could be ready for regular items.
  3. 10 working days also for the customized items.
top5 magnet warehouse service

Provide a consignment warehouse

To meet short delivery times For Europe and American Customer , We also could offered consignment warehouse which Near end customer’s area .

RohS Magnet

All product meet rohs

Ankey company has set up an R&D department, Introduced advance manufacturing facilities and State-of–art test machines for constancy evolving field.

Success Stories

Developed Split Magnet

I had Writed email to Jinke Magnet for rare earth split magnet requirements. They replied my e-mail promptly, and were very professional. The team still continues to developed Split magnet to our agreed specifications with a very high tolerance standard since 2012. His team is very professional and thorough with its work. Based on my experience, I would highly recommend them.

Klaus-Dieter Nies CEO at Elisto GMBH

Schindler Certified NdFeB magnet supplier

Ningbo Jingke Magnet Co Ltd has been certified as NdFeB magnet supplier by Schindler

Supplier Audit Team - Schindler

Un-chamfering magnets

Since 2011, we found Mr.zhou and get products from him. We used Un-chamfering magnets for magnetic bar industiry. We have not meet any problem. We have been working in very happy ways. We have many cooperation. Every year, we spent time together and sometimes, we invited him to Korea. He is our younger brother. Strongly recommended!!

Mr. Lee, GM at Hyungsung corporation

Who We Are

As a advance technology leader in the field of permanent magnets and magnetic assembly technology In China , Ningbo Ankey magnet?Co?Ltd is continuously developing sophisticated and tailored solutions for their customer. Our vast experience with end user has enable us to know- how to optimize various products and purchasing cost , which is unrivalled in all aspects .

We constantly pour resources and soul into improving our technology , products , services and business processes , we also take pride in working closely with our customers to understand their expectations and make sure we meet and exceed them?? consistently and continuously .

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